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Introducing “Workplace Mindfulness”

A tool like Voicea is intended to improve workplace productivity.  It’s not about replacing the function of taking notes as much as it is about augmenting the value of the notes you do take.There is a lot of research out there which says the practice of writing notes helps you commit things to memory.  We agree.  Writing something does help commit it to memory but in a meeting, you have to better understand the distinction between writing down a key idea vs. having to write down ALL the important moments vs. being present, focused and engaged with the people in the room.Voicea records and highlights the important moments from your conversation, providing a quick recap and insight into what was discussed as well as creating a virtual record of everything from the conversation.  That virtual record means you can go back and review or share a specific moment with others, increasing the efficiency of your post-meeting collaboration.  Voicea increases productivity through collaboration rather than replacing the actual experience of taking notes.  With that “safety net” in place, you can focus your attention on the moment rather than worrying about how you will get this information to someone else for follow up at a later time.  Voicea creates presence and focus, or what we refer to as “Workplace Mindfulness“.

“Look people in the eye when you speak”

Mindfulness at work means you are present.  You’re looking at the people you’re engaging with.  You spend more time looking up at people and looking them in the eye when you speak and less time looking down, writing notes and thinking through what will happen later as a result of what is happening now.  When you do this, you’re distracted and you risk missing a key idea.  You split your attention and that distraction results in less than an optimal experience.  The best ideas are not created.  The best solutions may be missed.  The meeting itself becomes less productive.The act of writing something down is still valuable, but with Voicea you can feel confident that when you do write something down, it will be meaningful and not diluted by a bunch of other notes that are less important.  We find that users with Voicea in the meetings are 77% more effective in their post-meeting productivity.  The notes they do take are fewer and more focused.  They are more action-oriented and they have an easier time coordinating what has to happen after the meeting.  Our users don’t stop taking notes completely.  They take much better, much more actionable notes when they do.Voicea is not a tool to replace your need to take notes.  It doesn’t replace the function.  It augments the function.  It increases the effectiveness of the function.  It makes what happens AFTER the meeting more efficient, more effective and significantly more productive.  Don’t take our word for it – see what our users are saying!
“We are constantly on the phone and in meetings trying to capture the most important details of the conversation while maintaining a high level of engagement. Inviting Eva eliminates human error in notetaking and allows us all to be present, highlighting actionable items on which we can follow up. Eva is an excellent addition to our deal teams.”
– Nick MacShane, Founder & Senior Managing Partner, Progress Partners
“I forward all the notes from Eva to my actual assistant so they can listen, add value and act on them much faster than if I were to dictate to them what to do next.  There is a real need for a service like yours and the service you guys are delivering is the best I have seen in the market!”
Heather Wilde, CTO, Roceteer

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