The Voicea way

Voicea is a venture-backed company located in an awesome startup space in Menlo Park, right down the road from Facebook’s headquarters and in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

We Have a Strong Bias for Action

We dream in years, plan in months, evaluate in weeks, and ship daily. While big companies have tons of leverage, they are slow to innovate. For us, speed is life and we use that to our advantage. That means we look for people who generally have a strong bias to get things done, rather than waiting until the stars align.

We are laser-focused on creating raving customer fans.

Many people are motivated by stock price, press mentions, and other proxies. For us it is simpler: Do we delight our customers? Are they using us, how often, and how engaged are they? Do they count on us to innovate and keep things fresh? What can we do to double or triple the impact we make for them? If we nail these, everything else follows.

We like to go after big markets in creative ways

We are building AI-driven productivity tools for the enterprise market. Anyone who has meetings and wants to drive actions knows how painful the status quo is. We are providing a service that provides a significantly better user experience, in an innovative way. At even a 1% penetration of this market, we are after a billion dollar opportunity.

We build for scale

We prototype for 1x, build for 10x, and engineer for 100x. We write clean code in a smart, robust, and maintainable way. We value people who set the bar high and are accountable for hitting it out of the park. We are processing tons of data at high precision and recall. Our customers depend on us to be there for them 24/7, and we take that commitment seriously.

Current Job Openings

We want to win and do so with integrity.
We strive to be the best at what we do and we won’t take shortcuts to get there.
Sound like you, too? Check out our job openings below.

Front End / iOS Developer

This is an exciting role which involves working with cutting-edge technologies, real-time data, visualization, and interaction with streaming audio/video.

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InfoSec Engineer

We’d like to invite you, skilled infosec engineers, to work with us to identify security issues in our systems; we realize that no system is perfect and the more eyes we get to inspect our systems the better.

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Front End / Ruby on Rails Developer

Here you will get to work with experienced and talented engineers, and will have a unique and enviable opportunity of working on challenging technical and product problems spanning across various software engineering domains like automated speech recognition, textual search, web applications, caching, indexing, continuous integration, and deployment.

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