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The company previously known as Workfit is now Voicera!

Voicea is the new name of the company behind Eva, your Enterprise Voice Assistant.Voicea exists to leverage A.I. technology to harness the power of voice in the workplace.Eva is a voice-activated, in-meeting assistant that listens, takes notes and identifies action items & decisions in your meetings.  Eva makes it possible for you to be more present in your meetings and focus on collaboration and problem solving rather than taking notes and identifying next steps.  Following your meeting Eva provides access to the Voicea platform where you can organize, review and edit highlights, specify key areas of the conversation and enable better post-meeting collaboration.  In this way you create a more actionable record of your meetings.In a world where everyone wants to be “customer-centric”, the best way to succeed is to leverage the direct voice of the customer.   Rather than trying to translate and convey what your customers and partners are saying, let their words directly influence the way work gets done.  The voice of your customer is the single most important asset you have to build your business, so listen and respond accordingly.Eva powered meetings, by Voicera.  Making meetings work.

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