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A lot has been said lately about voice (see what I did there – nice pun huh?).In reality, “voice” is extremely valuable in the workplace.  The vast majority of your collaboration actually occurs by talking to people.  Its more ubiquitous than email, instant message tools or just about anything else in the workplace.  It happens in scheduled meetings or conference calls as well as off-the-cuff interactions next to the water cooler, in a coffee shop and countless other locations.  Talk takes place everywhere, but what gets talked about doesn’t always get saved.Voicea is a Voice Collaboration Platform and our simple goal is to help you “Turn Talk Into Action”.  You can see that message all over our site and throughout our go-to-market materials.  We are focused on productivity as it results from collaboration.  We want to shorten the distance from “what gets said” to “what gets done”.  To do that, we make sure of two things:
  1. We need to be wherever conversations take place.
  2. We need to “activate” your conversations to wherever you and your team work.
To that end, we’ve developed a three-pronged approach to having our enterprise voice assistant (EVA) take notes in conversations that are on conference calls, on direct person-to-person calls, or in-person meetings.  On the other end, we are constantly looking to expand where your notes and highlights can be delivered, looking to deliver value to wherever your team is doing work.  That means tools like Slack and Salesforce, or platforms like Evernote and Trello, and many, many more to come in the coming weeks.  If your team is doing work there, we want your notes and highlights to be there too.Our users tell us that using Voicea dramatically improves the way they conduct follow up from meetings.  Here are just a few of the recent quotes from real Voicea users…
“Its awesome – already recommended it about 10 times.”“Awesome – must for journalists”“The software has up to par voice recognition and auto correction that certainly is the new Era of note taking.”“It’s just amazing and so helpful!”“Your app has saved me valuable time during meetings and after meetings by documenting the entire meeting.”
Check out some of the awards and recognition we’ve received over the last few months by clicking on the links below:Gartner – Cool VendorAragon – Hot VendorConstellation – ShortlistAppy Awards – Best B2BImpact Awards – Best B2BTiE50 Winner 2018Give the platform a try by signing up for the Free 30 Day Trial.  If you would like a guided set-up or tutorial, simply drop us a line and let us know at [email protected].  We can’t wait to help you Turn Talk Into Action.

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