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listening is importantVan Halen famously demanded that the brown M&Ms be removed from candy bowls at its concert venues. Beyoncé required her chicken legs to be “heavily seasoned” with cayenne pepper, and Rihanna will enter only dressing rooms outfitted with animal print throw rugs.These unique tour riders get tacked on to artists’ contracts as a matter of routine because they’re in the position to personalize their space.  As interesting as it is to pull back the curtain on celebrity quirks, technology allows everyday consumers to personalize their experiences just like their favorite pop and rock stars do.Thanks to technology, customizable experiences touch pretty much everything we do, from the shows and movies Net ix recommends us to even tasks as routine as ordering a cup of coffee. A customer can tell a barista (or even an app) how hot a drink should be, how much caffeine it needs, or even the amount of whipped cream or sprinkles to apply.  Sure, the mantra for customer service has always been that the “customer is always right,” but customer expectations have moved beyond that cliché. Customers don’t just want to be right — they want to be heard. 

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