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“The most widely used form of collaboration is…”

We at Voicea talk a lot about collaboration.   “Why is that”, you say?  Simply put, meetings are the most widely used form of collaboration in the workplace.  If you ask the question most people say its email or apps that foster online collaboration, but that’s because they overlook meetings.  Meetings get overlooked because even though they are the most widely used form of collaborating, they are distinct and separate from the enterprise workflow.What does that mean?I sometimes refer to meetings as the place where great ideas go to die.  I say that because a meeting operates in a vacuum and for anything good to come of a meeting requires a lot of post-meeting follow up.  Have you ever heard people joke that they want to have a “meeting about the meeting they just had”?  Its because meetings are not efficient.  Voicea aims to fix all of that because we connect meetings to the collaboration workflow.   In our world, a meeting is the starting point for information gathering and for getting the clear voice of your customer or colleagues.  A meeting is where action items are developed and ideas are born.  After a meeting its simply about highlighting moments and pushing them to your team.  Whether those people were in a meeting or not, they can see a value.Meetings are amazing.  I love meetings – when they are connected to the rest of the ways I collaborate with my team:
  • Send the summary in an email to others and let them listen in to specific moments.
  • Keep the email recap as a to-do-list for yourself, so you know what to follow up on coming out of that meeting.
  • Share the meeting recap by pushing into Salesforce, or Slack, or let us know what other tools you use.
A meeting can provide infinite value if you activate it.  Meeting activation means your meeting was not a “place where ideas go to die”.  It means the meeting is where actions were born!  

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