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It’s that time of year.  It’s CES time!

CES is when every company under the sun tries to woo the media and general populace that what they have is the greatest thing since touchscreen phones.  This year you’ll be seeing and hearing lists of the wonderful new innovations that deliver incredible new ways to spend your money, but as you weave your way through the preponderance of personal lists, allow me to share with you the single idea that will dominate this year’s event.

Welcome to #VoiceFirst.

Voice and voice-activated AI tools have been a buzzy topic for the last 3 years, ever since Siri and Alexa became household names. More users are adopting this technology into their daily lives because they see the value.  It’s convenient to talk and get things done vs. stopping to write something down and collect your thoughts.  Voice is fast becoming the primary way of engaging with technology and consumers love it.  2019 is a year where this trajectory will truly take-off, with more opportunities for companies to develop products and interfaces that leverage voice as the primary means of engagement.  In my opinion, AI is already weaving its way through your day, both in passive and active means, and with #VoiceFirst development quicky rising to prominence, you can expect more person-to-device conversations and engagement.

Now, what’s most exciting to us is that #VoiceFirst is a predominantly consumer-oriented development.  At Voicea, we’re taking it to work.

Welcome to #VoiceFirst @Work

The majority of use cases for Alexa and Siri are, as mentioned, at home.  These are simple use cases like playing music, turning on lights, basic searches or playing games.  The work environment has had some toes dipping in the water – most prominently with Amazon launching Alexa For Business last year.  Alexa is a tool for the workspace.  Voicea is a tool for meetings.  We aim to be the primary player for developing #VoiceFirst @Work.  With Voicea, you get EVA as an assistant to join your meetings and help turn talk into action.  After all, you spend most of your time at work in meetings, and these meetings are intended to be collaborative, efficient parts of your day.  With Voicea, they can be.

Voice Is The UI For “The Future Of Work”

In the future, AI will be used to augment your ability.  It will help you be faster, stronger and more efficient.  Speaking to technology will further help this evolution.  Companies are already looking to adopt innovative new technologies to leverage voice and harness voice.  They use tools to help sales teams with coaching.  They use tools to record customer calls and increase understanding of the voice of their customer.  They are starting to use voice data to better understand company culture and productivity.  They are going to be using voice to optimize production and more.  Voice is a tool for the democratization of technology because all you have to do is ask for what you need and the machines can potentially deliver it.  No more having to learn the language of a machine when your machine is learning the language you already speak.

CES is going to surface a LOT of great new technology, but expect to see a common theme of #VoiceFirst and keep in mind the business applications of #VoiceFirst @Work.  It just might foreshadow what your life will look like over the next few years @work.

– Cory Treffiletti, Chief Marketing Officer, Voicea

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