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We’re very excited to be featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article that takes a deep dive into voice-activated AI moving from the home to the office. Our vision for Eva is to bring the capabilities people currently love about augmented intelligence (AI) and the voice activated devices they interact with in their personal lives, to businesses—more specifically, to meetings. As we explored in an earlier blog post, businesses have a lot of meetings every day (33 Million per day to be exact). The transition of voice assisted AI from personal to business will usher in a new era of productivity, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of bringing this technology to the workplace.Interesting takeaways from the article:
  • “Roger Lee, a general partner at global venture capital firm Battery Ventures, believes that technology for the workplace has been following consumer trends, and he thinks voice-enabled intelligent assistants will be next.”
  • From a survey of IT professionals
    • Roughly half of IT professionals said their organizations already use intelligent assistants for work-related tasks on company devices or plan to within three years.
    • When asked about the benefits of intelligent assistants, the top three were.
      • Increased productivity 45%
      • Less typing with voice dictation 42%
      • Improved data analysis 34%
  • In a 2016 survey of workers’ attitudes toward technology conducted by Dell Inc., Intel Corp. and consultants Penn Schoen Berland, 30% of employees around the world chose “digital helper” as the potential use of artificial intelligence that they would be most excited about in their jobs.
Read the entire article from the Wall Street Journal, Alexa and Cortana May Be Heading to the Office

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