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Never Miss A Detail, Never Miss A Meeting

The Voicea team set out on a mission to revolutionize productivity, and in particular meetings. The company was founded on the idea that meetings could be more actionable, participants could be more present, and content could be better shared across an organization.  Our goal is the same and with recent developments, you can do even more – you can get more out of your meetings, paying attention to people instead of your notepad.The new things you get from us…Predictive Highlights: Eva has been enhanced to listen for important moments, things that sound like action items, or commitments, and to capture them for you automatically.A Mobile Experience: You can now use Eva in in-person meetings. Just drop your app on the table, and get to work.Full transcripts to review after your meeting: Never miss a detail – with a combination of AI smarts, full transcripts, and human-level highlights, you can really focus on the meeting and not on the note-taking. And for users who are triple-booked, you can now easily catch up on the notes after a meeting you might have missed.

Sit Back, Engage, Eva’s Got Your Back with Predictive Highlights

Having a transcript is nice, but who wants to re-read an entire meeting?  Who has time for that?  Eva listens for important points in the conversation and extracts those moments as highlights so you can read and share them quickly.  Eva will catch most of these if the speakers are speaking clearly.   If you want to be sure Eva captures something a specific action say, “Okay Eva, Action Item” and Eva will always capture that moment.

Meeting In Person?  Use the Voicea Mobile App

You can easily bring Eva into an in-person meeting by downloading the Voicea mobile app, now available for both Android and iOS.  Open the app and start your meeting.  Eva will listen and take notes and email the host after the meeting.

Too Many Meetings In Your Calendar?  

Are you booked in too many meetings?  Eva takes great notes, so as long as Eva is on the meeting, you can quickly catch up on what you missed. Add Eva to the meeting and check the notes afterwards and see what you missed, and what next steps are! Never get left out of the loop again…We hope you like these new features and they help you get more out of your meetings!

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