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Lawyers require an amazing memory and analytical skills.  Being a lawyer took you years to achieve and it always feels like you’re applying that knowledge to the next big challenge.  The law is about details, but how can lawyers be expected to remember every little detail?  After all, Lawyers are only human.According to an article called “Top 5 Challenges Facing Lawyers Today”, there are clear obstacles:
  • Technology
  • Low-cost legal providers
  • Globalization
  • Regulation
  • Lawyer development
Clients expect Lawyers to be “bulletproof” when they represent them in court or litigation.  Some people refer to this as being “buttoned up” but its more than that.  A lawyer is supposed to be the most detail-oriented person in the room.  Expectations are high as you are sometimes literally fighting for someone’s life or livelihood.Voicea recently rolled out Eva, the enterprise virtual assistant that gives you or your paralegals an A.I.-driven note taker.  To use Eva simply add “[email protected]” to a conference call or dial in Eva as a participant, or use the new mobile app for an in-person meeting.  Eva listens, records, transcribes and takes notes.  You can mark moments by voice commands, or you can rely on predetermined customized “x-rays” to mark certain moments that would be important to you.  You can even rely on the A.I. to take the notes for you, so you can focus on the conversation.In a law environment, we recommend that you let Eva be passive and simply record and take notes on its own.  When you do this you end up with a searchable record of the conversation.  That record can be reviewed and edited, or shared with others on your team.  You end up with the ability to never forget a detail!

Never Forget A Detail

Details are what can make or break a case. Why not have Eva in a deposition?  You probably already record and have those meetings transcribed, right?  With an A.I. there you get more.  You get everything you wanted, but you also get an indexed, searchable record and a set of highlights that you can quickly peruse.  The A.I. driven notes make it easy for you to find specific moments in the conversation.

Customize What Eva Listens For

You can also create a customized x-ray that enables Eva to listen for specific terms, phrases or even the answers to specific questions.  In that way, when you ask for specific information, those responses are highlighted and easy to uncover later,  Then you can have your team review the notes and use them in the case.Don’t take our word for it, though.  Give Eva a try at your next meeting.  Eva will have your back and allow for focus at your next meeting.

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