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A little change can be a good thing…

On December 20, 2018, Voicera is changing its brand name to Voicea. Same great service with a shorter name. This change will roll out over the next couple of days, so please keep an eye out for the new look.

We have always been a true in-meeting assistant that takes notes and helps activate those notes by turning meetings into fully-activated collaboration sessions. The name Voicea (pronounced voy-see-uh) acknowledges this by referencing a “Voice Assistant” (see what we did there with the “A’”)? Our in-meeting voice assistant, EVA, is exactly that; an Assistant which is more than a transcription service and far more than a mobile voice recorder.

Over the last year, we built a formidable platform for turning voice into action and this change is simply the latest evolution to further clarify and differentiate our product from others in the market. The change also serves to more clearly separate us from any other company in other categories that may relate to voice while further focusing our brand to align with our mission of being THE voice assistant for all your conversations and meetings.

Over the next few weeks, we will be reaching out to our users to let them know how this change affects their service. Simply put, it won’t.  All existing integrations into calendars and other platforms will work as previously set up. EVA will still join your meetings, take notes and email you the highlights. You will still be able to push notes into other collaboration tools like Salesforce, Slack and many more we are about to announce. Starting on 12/20/2018 you will begin to invite [email protected] for manual addition to your meetings, but all prior invitations to [email protected] will still work as they did before. Our logo may change, but our commitment to quality, service and increased productivity won’t be.

Our mission is to turn talk into action and decrease the amount of time from conversations to effective collaborations. We’re excited to share a number of changes and new features that we think will encourage you to engage with EVA in your meetings even more than ever before.

We look forward to working with you.

Omar Tawakol, CEO, Voicea

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