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We are excited and proud to announce that Voicea was named to the Constellation Research “Short List” for Augmented Meeting Services.  Constellation Research is examining the future of work and specifically the future of meetings at work.  They recognize clearly that meetings can be more productive and this is confirmation of what we’ve seen as the enterprise continues to seek more and better ways to operate.Constellation Short ListHere is a quick blurb about this research from Constellation:“For decades, the trifecta of email, calendar and contacts has been at the core of the employee productivity toolset. The rise of social networking has reduced business reliance on email and changed the way we connect with colleagues and customers. Unfortunately, meetings, an essential element of the business world, have seen little improvement. While web conferencing has enhanced our ability to meet with people without having to be face-to-face, most employees still struggle with the tasks around preparing for, facilitating and managing follow-up assignments from meetings. The value of meetings can be greatly improved when people are prepared for the topic, the content and conversations are tracked and accessible, and accountability is assigned for achieving outcomes. Meeting enhancement tools can augment the entire lifecycle of a meeting, vastly improving their value to the participants and the company.”

Click Here to check out the report from Constellation Research.

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