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July 25th, 2018, Palo Alto, CA, Voicea is excited to announce we have been named a Hot Vendor for Intelligent Content Analytics for Voice by Aragon Research. In its latest Hot Vendor reports, Aragon Research Inc. identifies noteworthy, visionary, and innovative vendors in five markets including Intelligent Content Analytics for voice.Intelligent Content Analytics is a new category that leverages AI to intelligently map data to higher-level business concepts based on abstractions of the context, sentiment and meaning behind the source content. Top Intelligent Content Analytics solutions are context aware and offer automated transcription for near real-time insights.Businesses who adopt ICA solutions will have a key strategic advantage as “insights produced by ICA solutions promote efficiency in business operations and drive revenue growth while decreasing risk.”Because voice conversations are the dominant way businesses engage with customers, the ability to unlock and analyze data from live and recorded conversations will be a key differentiator for businesses. Sales and customer services are the primary use cases, and Aragon Research predicts that “by year-end 2022, 60% of enterprise sales teams will deploy and use Intelligent Content Analytics for voice to improve and refine customer interactions”.There are many applications for Intelligent Content Analytics for voice, including:Sales Optimization: monitoring rep’s talk times, understanding sentiment from various pitch tactics across reps, real-time pitch feedback based on customer sentimentCustomer Support: real-time troubleshooting assistance based on recurring topics or keywords, real-time sentiment analysis to identify unhappy customers and offer guided/scripted resolution assistanceInsights: execs and managers can gain insight into broader trends across the organization, identify the probability of positive/negative outcomes and react quicklyClick here to download the full report from Aragon.

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