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Save Up To 75% On Time Spent After Your Meetings

How much time do you spend sifting through your notes after a meeting?  When you read your notes do you find yourself wondering what you wrote and how anyone on earth could possibly decipher the chicken scratch you call handwriting?  Don’t worry – lots of people have this problem.Employees spend as much time after a meeting trying to organize and orchestrate the post-meeting activity as they spent in the meeting itself.  That means, on average, your 45-minute meeting takes at least 1.5 hours of your day.  If you spend half your day in meetings, and half the day trying to get things activated from those meetings, then it’s safe to say the math doesn’t add up.  You’re spending the equivalent of a full day just getting by.  How are you ever going to get ahead at work?

Voicea Makes You Extraordinary At Work

Voicea offers you a huge time-saving mechanism by putting Eva, your virtual in-meeting assistant, into your meetings.  Eva can dial in, take notes and provide you with highlights from the meeting, a full transcript and a recording of the meeting that is searchable and shareable.  You spend as much as 50-75% less time recapping and activating what happened in your meeting. Very quickly, you become “extraordinary” at work!!Check out a quick video that shows you what you can do after a meeting. 
Voicera: After your meeting from Voicera on Vimeo.

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