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Being an HR professional is an important job.  On your shoulders rests the weight of culture and the performance of teams.  To be honest, their importance gets overlooked.  This is not a small undertaking and more than any other category of a profession, this requires a balance of detail in terms of emotional intelligence and understanding (sometimes referred to as emotional IQ).There are lots of challenges facing HR professionals:
  • Retaining and rewarding talented candidates
  • Developing future leaders
  • Establishing a healthy and cooperative culture
  • Attracting top talent to your organization
  • Elevating human capital investments
  • Managing flexible working arrangements
  • Maintaining a clear and transparent work culture
  • Managing career advancement opportunities
  • Managing compensation
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To make all of this happen, HR professionals probably spend more time in meetings than any other category.  There are meetings for:
  • Candidate interviews (prospective employees)
  • Performance interviews (existing employees)
  • Executives and Managers regarding team culture and morale
  • Outside partners and vendors regarding systems of record and management
This is literally the world’s shortest list to describe the role with likely the most meetings inside an organization.  In all of these meetings, you have a wealth of action items, follow-ups and insights that need to be acted upon and/or shared with others.  Additionally, many of these conversations need to be saved as a record, either to help make the case for advancement or in some cases, unfortunately, to make the case for dismissal.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had a centralized record of these that was easily searchable and could be archived for future use?

Create a Record Of Conversations

Eva is being used by HR professionals for just this purpose; to create an archived record of these conversations that can be searched and shared and used in later activity.  For example:
  • Never forget a detail regarding an employment situation and how it was resolved.
  • Maintain a record of an employee’s feedback on internal matters, especially as they relate to other employees.
Eva is a simple addition to a meeting; simply add “[email protected]” to a conference call or dial in Eva as a participant, or use the new mobile app for an in-person meeting.  Eva listens, records, transcribes and takes notes.  You can mark moments by voice commands, or you can rely on predetermined customized “x-rays” to mark certain moments that would be important to you.  You can even rely on the A.I. to take the notes for you, so you can focus on the conversation.  When the meeting starts, tell the attendees that you brought your AI assistant to create a record of the meeting and take notes.  

Never Get Stuck In A “He Said, She Said” Moment

With Eva in your meetings, you never run into a “he said, she said” situation and you never get stuck where two parties are confused as to the outcome of a conversation.  Eva creates clarity while also maintaining a record of the conversation.  And keep in mind that with Eva, those conversations are searchable so you don’t have to go in and listen or read every transcript from scratch.  Simply search across meetings and find the areas that were relevant to your conversation.Give Eva a try in your next HR-related meeting.  Eva will have your back and allow for focus to drive success.

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