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The role of an Executive or Administrative Assistant is hard.  It’s demanding.  There are always things to be done and coordinating someone else’s schedule and follow up can be overwhelming.  In fact, it brings me to an important point – that even an Assistant could use an Assistant, don’t you think?An EA has a natural desire to be helpful.  A great article on Job Network mentions the following as challenges for EA’s:
  • Keeping calm
  • Striving for perfection
  • Never forgetting
  • Knowing everyone’s likes and dislikes
  • Staying cheerful
Almost all of these require a great memory, but what is at odds with memory is the volume of activity facing today’s admins.  You can’t possibly be expected to remember everything, can you?  Voicera’s enterprise virtual assistant, or Eva, is the tool that gives an administrative assistant an assistant of their own.  To use Eva simply add “[email protected]” to a conference call or dial in Eva as a participant, or use the new mobile app for an in-person meeting.  Eva listens, records, transcribes and takes notes.  You can mark moments by voice commands, or you can rely on predetermined customized “x-rays” to mark certain moments that would be important to you.  You can even rely on the A.I. to take notes for you, so you can focus on the conversation.

Be Focused and Never Miss A Detail

Eva creates a feeling of focus while also maintaining a diminished sense of “FOMO” or fear of missing out.  Eva makes it so you can always have a record of the conversations with your executives or the meetings where they asked you to come and take notes.  You never have to stress over forgetting something if you have Eva to take notes for you and provide you with that ongoing record.  Just go back and listen, or review the highlights.

Focus Creates Calm, So Be Calm

Focus creates a sense of calm and a feeling that “you got this”.  You can strive and achieve perfection if you aren’t always struggling to recall the littlest of details.  You don’t need to remember what everyone likes if you have a meeting with them and mark their preferences in conversation.  All in all, Eva can make it easier, and empower you, to do your job even better.Don’t take our word for it, though.  Give Eva a try at your next meeting.  Eva will have your back and allow for focus at your next meeting.Sign up now for your free trial

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