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According to Wikipedia, “Speech Recognition” is the inter-disciplinary sub-field of computational linguistics that develops methodologies and technologies that enables the recognition and translation of spoken language into text by computers. It is also known as “automatic speech recognition” (ASR), “computer speech recognition”, or just “speech to text” (STT). It incorporates knowledge and research in the linguisticscomputer science, and electrical engineering fields.

Voice is the choice – voice recognition is important

Voice recognition is slightly broader as it takes the above field and applies it to technology for the interaction of humans and machines.  Voice is fast becoming the entry point for AI that the general consumer populace is becoming comfortable with.A search for “voice recognition” on Google delivers more than 9.5mm results and most of these are recent results focused on companies who are diving into this category.  They are raising money to solve problems where voice recognition is a path towards a solution.  Voicea is one of these companies – we focus on voice recognition to deliver a better experience for people in meetings by offering Eva, an in-meeting virtual assistant.  The virtual assistant space is broad and somewhat confusing but our section is very tight as we focus solely on the in-meeting and post-meeting experience.  Eva listens, records the conversation and provides a means to take notes, identify action items and organize follow up that can be delivered via email or pushed into tools like Salesforce and Slack.  Our goal is to integrate meetings into the rest of how you collaborate with your colleagues.

Voice recognition creates opportunities for technology to talk to one another

Voice recognition is key for this as we have to be able to hear the people speaking, determine who they are and what was the intent of what they are saying.  Eva processes all of this information for the purpose of helping you, the user.  In the case of Voicea, voice recognition is a means to an end.  We use the technology to deliver a valuable service and that’s how it should be for all voice recognition.  Start with the problem you are trying to solve and then determine how to deliver that solution, and then determine if voice recognition is one of the elements of that solution being delivered!  

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