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To Be Customer-Centric, You’d Better Listen To The Voice Of Your Customer

It’s what all the cool companies are doing!  Everyone in the enterprise talks about being customer-centric, but what does that truly mean?  I wrote about this very topic last year and you can read my thoughts here.  My point was the customer doesn’t really want to hear all your buzzwords – they want to hear benefits.  In order to sell them your benefits, you need to know their challenges and you can only do that if you listen.  To be customer-centric, you need to listen to your customer.The challenge here is that your customer meetings are small and you can’t bring everyone to every meeting.  To truly listen you need to amplify the voice of your customer in the organization.  Voicea exists to do that!With Voicea you can accurately and cleanly convey the voice of the customer to everyone in the organization by bringing the meeting to your team rather than bringing the team to your meeting.  Eva sits in the meeting and takes all the notes, helping identify action items.  The Voicea platform enables you to refine and edit those highlights as well as call out specific moments in the meeting that you want other people to hear.  You add collaborators or people who should listen but weren’t in the meeting, and you share the meeting with them.  On their end, they can listen to just the relevant customer insights and you aren’t stuck playing the telephone game to tell everyone what the customer’s said!Being successful in a customer-centric workplace means your colleagues are as in-tune with the needs of the customer as you are.  It’s about ensuring alignment with the needs of the customer.  It’s also about recognizing trends across all your customers and being able to let management know when something is more than a coincidence.Voicea is the best tool available for you to not only listen to the voice of the customer but to activate the voice of the customer.  Bring the voice of your customer to life and let your peers in product, marketing or finance hear directly what the customer is saying!The voice of the customer comes to life with Voicera.  Let that voice be heard.    

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