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AI Is Augmenting Today’s Knowledge-Based Worker, Not Replacing Them

A lot has been written about AI and its impact on the worker today.  Our own CEO, Omar Tawakol, has spoken about this topic and we published an infographic on this very topic previously.  The concept of the AI exoskeleton is one that is starting to take hold and people are grasping how it applies to them very quickly.Think about it like a suit you put on which augments your own natural ability.  It enables you to do more in a limited time and with limited resources by making you faster, stronger, and more efficient with your time.A quick Google search will show you AI being used to do lots of things:
  • Schedule your calendar.
  • Take notes in your meetings (that would be us, of course).
  • Manage your travel.
  • Edit your writing.
  • Seek out information and execute research for you.
  • Plan out your directions to get from point a to point b.
  • Prioritize your day for you.
  • Schedule follow up with key people.
  • Manage your expenses.
  • and more…
All of these are focused on enabling you to make better use of your time rather than replace you in the workplace.  The AI exoskeleton is something that most enterprises, as well as small to medium-sized business, are going exploit to free up and increase the productivity of their workers.  These take time away from the most impactful elements of your day.It’s a very exciting category of business and one that we know you are looking at!  We certainly are!  

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