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“Can I use EVA in a classroom?”

Lots of our users have been asking the question, “Can I use EVA in a classroom”?  The answer is “Yes” with a few caveats that need to be explained since Voicea was not originally designed with education in mind.

Voicea is designed for meetings and meetings are collections of people at work, in a conference room or on the phone, focused on a challenge and solution.  Sometimes these are brainstorm meetings while others are more focused on specific topics.  In our definition of meetings, there are action items, decisions, next steps, follow-ups and other actionable outcomes.  Voicea was originally designed to provide the virtual record of a conversation and increase the efficiency of follow-up to that meeting.   In our eyes, your post-meeting activity is more efficient when you don’t have to try and recall what exactly was discussed or translate to others who may not have been there what needs to be done.  It’s not about reliving an entire meeting, but rather about highlighting the important elements and surfacing them for post-meeting action.

An educational environment is slightly different.  Most classroom or lecture environments are larger rooms, with only one person speaking.  This creates some challenges because of the lack of proximity to your device.   It can also create some issues because Voicea is trying to find action items.  This means Voicea will certainly record the entire lecture or discussion, but you have to customize the keywords that Voicea is listening for in order to make sure the Highlights may be key items from the conversation that you need for later.  If you don’t customize what EVA is listening for, then its really just transcribing the lecture and it’s your responsibility to go back, re-listen and take the notes on your own.  In any case, Voicea is simply providing you a backstop.  It is still your job to learn, and trust us when we say that learning is fun!

So to recap… if you want to use Voicea in a classroom environment, we recommend the following:

  1. Make sure the phone is as close as you can get to the speaker.
  2. Try not to use Voicea in a huge open room because the acoustics may make it hard to get a crisp recording.
  3. Customize your keywords to make sure you have Eva listening for what you want it to hear.

  • In the nav bar above, click “Keywords” and add terms that are important to you in a lecture.

We hope you enjoy using Voicea at school!  

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