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TableUp is a unified platform that allows restaurants to provide a seamless guest experience across multiple touchpoints. Integrated into your existing POS, TableUp offers a host of features that have proven to drive guest retention and long-term revenue.


In a high growth sector like restaurants & loyalty rewards, reps need to constantly be prospecting and on calls, making it difficult for reps to keep the details of each account straight. The difference between closing a deal or losing it can come down to a rep's ability to close the deal quickly and launch a loyalty program quickly to start making their customer revenue.


The TableUp team has Voicea set up for EVA to join all internal and external meetings through the automated calendar-sync feature. EVA joins and listens for the commands and triggers the team has set up. The team holds its regular meetings and also uses the post-meeting Debrief feature for private notes and recaps. After a meeting, the notes are reviewed and posted into Salesforce so management knows the accurate status of all meetings and new relationships.


Voicea enabled the salesperson to really dig into what makes each restaurant unique and how to build a custom loyalty rewards program that their customers will get excited about. With detailed notes captured from every call, sales reps can better handle objections and close deals faster.

The best times I have with EVA are when I’ve blown a call out of the water, I’ve given a fantastic demonstration, and I can’t remember a damn thing that’s important to drive the sale forward. Now with EVA, I have this great call, I can marry it to the notes I wish I could have taken on that call, Whenever you’re eliminating certain aspects of your role you can focus on the other ones. It lets me focus right on that customer and give a better demo.

Ray Tremblay, Vice President, Sales