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“Don’t take your whole team to the meeting when you can bring the meeting to your whole team”

That’s the premise of one of the coolest features for Voicera; the ability to add collaborators to a meeting and share with them the highlights and action items after a meeting.  Not everyone can always make it, but with this functionality, you never get stuck having to tell someone who wasn’t there what the customer said.  Simply annotate that section of the conversation and let them hear it directly!To add a collaborator, simply follow these simple instructions:
  • On your meeting page, you will see a Collaborators section.
  • Click on Add Collaborator to your meeting.
  • Collaborators will get an email letting them know they have been invited to the meeting. If you are sharing to an email address that has not yet registered for an account, that user will be prompted to register for an account before they have access to the meeting.
  • Collaborators will immediately gain access to the meeting. All participants of the meeting can see who the collaborators are.
  • If you want to remove a collaborator, simply click to remove them, and they will be removed immediately.
You can see more, including screenshots, by clicking here.In doing so you are able to truly bring your meetings into your existing collaboration workflow.  Previously meetings were something disconnected and silo’d from the rest of how you collaborate with your team.  With this one easy-to-use feature, anyone you designate to get involved.  And all of this happens without making them listen to Vanilla Ice!  😉

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