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Trello is one of the best tools for collaboration and project management and now its super simple to share your notes from Voicea directly into Trello.  The basics of how to do this are below…

 What Is This Feature? Push highlights from your meeting into tools like Trello so your team can jump on action items and follow-ups quickly.

How To Use It There are two ways you can push highlights into Trello, you can either 1. auto-generate a new card within a board or 2. add highlights to an existing card:

1. To create a new card within an existing board in Trello, click on Menu > More > “Email-to-board Settings” and copy the email under “Your email address for this board”


2. To add highlights to an existing card in Trello, click into the specific card you wish to add highlightsto. Below Actions, click on “Share and more…”. Copy the email under “Email for this card”


Then, from the “Past Meetings” page in the Voicea platform, simply select the checkbox next to the highlights you wish to share. Click on the envelope icon, select “custom emails” from the drop-down and then paste the email you copied from Trello.


Your meeting highlights will appear under Activity in the card in Trello along with the meeting Name and Date.

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