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SelectQuote was founded in 1985 and has been an innovative and established leader in building and operating insurance exchanges for auto & home, term life and Medicare insurance products. SelectQuote has consistently delivered business solutions to companies and organizations for over 29 years.


Selectquote team members are constantly on calls and in meetings (averaging ~15 meetings per day), making it hard to keep key decisions and action items straight. Also with the majority of their day spent on calls, there’s very little time left for meeting follow up.


Selectquote uses channels to organize meeting content by client or stand-up group, making it easy for team members to go back and find specific meetings or moments quickly. Knowing that they can go back and reference the meeting highlights later, team members are able to vastly reduce the amount of time spent in meetings, and only attend meetings where they’re truly needed.


With Voicea, Selectquote team members leave every meeting confident that EVA has captured the key decisions and action items so everyone’s aligned on next steps. With EVA automatically preparing the meeting recap following every meeting, Selectquote team members save valuable time on meeting follow up. Especially in Life Insurance, the ability to respond to quotes and get contracts out quickly is critical to the company’s success - with the ability to quickly push highlights to operational teams through tools like Slack, Selectquote agents are able to respond to quotes more quickly and close more deals.

The Teams product addresses a very specific challenge within companies like ours - too many meetings, too much time required for follow up and not enough time in the week to get everything done. At Selectquote we are constantly looking for tools to improve productivity and this represents one specific area where we see an immediate value to be found.

Dan Savino, Vice President of IT at SelectQuote