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After you have defined your approach and mapped out your product use cases, it’s time to select your IT vendors, implement, and experiment. Let’s face it—there are a zillion third-party solutions out there. We started with a few vendors and grew our footprint as we became more sophisticated.Of all the phases, this one took the most time. We needed to budget time to learn the tools we picked and experiment with how to use them. We ended up with an architecture that enables us to service our customers quickly and efficiently, get deep visibility into how they use the product at both the individual and aggregate level, and provide genuinely personalized experiences for users on the platform.Where we could consolidate on a single tool to deliver multiple use cases without sacrificing quality, we did. We wanted the best stack—even if that meant adding additional IT vendors to the toolbox and wiring them up. But simplicity might be more important at times, so really thinking through your product use cases is an important step.Here is what we ended up with:Read the rest of the article here.

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