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We think a Smarter Meeting is one where what happens afterward is more efficient and more effective because of what happens during the meeting. Voicea users save as much as 6 hours per week because they have “smarter meetings”. A smarter meeting is one where:

  • You focus on the people in the conversation
  • The action items are clear and concise
  • The next steps are in everyone’s inbox before they leave
  • Tasks are created in your collaboration tools before you end
  • Nobody leaves unsure of what has to happen next
  • Your assistant is there to help with anything you need
  • The coffee and tea is warm and the snacks are tasty

Voicea provides an in-meeting AI assistant that can do everything except get you your coffee, tea or snacks.  EVA takes commands in your meeting to do things like

“Okay EVA, Schedule a reminder…”

“Okay EVA, Email the attendees the meeting has started”.  

“Okay EVA, Share the highlights.”

“Okay EVA, Create a task…”  

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