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We’ve all misheard or misunderstood a song lyric. To his credit, Jimmy Fallon, as he’s done with everything, made a game out of it.One of the late-night host’s recurring bits involves taking a popular song’s English lyrics, using Google to translate them into another language, then translating those lyrics from another language back into English and singing with his guest. If that process sounds confusing, look at the translated lyrics of The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” sung by actress Anne Hathaway for some next-level befuddlement.As funny as the results are, chances are your sales team feels similarly confused when trying to convey highly technical feedback to, say, your engineering or product development departments. Sure, sales teams can ask good questions and take insightful notes, but they can’t anticipate the questions customers will ask or be expected to relay specific feedback to every department using the right language.Sales teams excel in sales, not as universal translators of specific, highly technical customer feedback. To provide the kind of insights that won’t leave out a valuable piece of product intuition, teams need an ally to do the translating for them. Let Eva, Voicera’s in-meeting AI assistant, be their muse.Say What?One of the toughest aspects of selling is bridging the gap between highly technical customers and a salesperson’s more general understanding of a product’s functionality. With Eva, sales teams can invite the platform to any call or meeting and use its recording capabilities to track words, trends, and highlights from any interaction.For instance, a customer may ask questions about a very specific use case. When sales teams try to convey these insights to a head developer after the fact, key product details or helpful verbal or contextual cues might get misplaced. That leads to incomplete feedback and a solution that potentially doesn’t address a specific concern a customer raises.Instead of pulling your product team into a customer call to avoid potential lapses in information, Eva’s recording brings the meeting’s contents to your team. The voice of the client is recorded, points get highlighted, and trends get picked up and conveyed to the entire team without a filter possibly leaving out insights.Understanding the granular details of the customer’s voice is key to making sure your teams are on the same page and moving in the right direction. Eva allows customer voice to fully shine through, bringing a new level of clarity to your meetings.Instead of using Google to translate the latest Miley Cyrus hit into Spanish, what if you had an actual human translator? Better yet, what if you had a translator who listened to Miley’s music and understood the context of the song being translated?Chances are, translating from any foreign language back into English would yield almost the same lyrics. As it turns out in translations, customer interactions, and follow-up meetings, context is everything. Eva brings it to the forefront, keeping clear, concise meeting details that can translate into product solutions so beautiful that customers will want to sing about them.

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