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Think of any company’s sales department as a hyperfocused, very intuitive street team. Yes, closing is key, but salespeople man the phones, pound the pavement, and travel far and wide to get granular, unabashed feedback on the services they provide.Those interactions form lines of communication, build relationships, and ultimately yield useful customer insights. Social media, on the other hand, can do much of the same, but it just skims the surface. Social media thrives on the immediate reaction of “what,” but it doesn’t provide nearly enough of the “how” or the “why.”You don’t just want to hear consumers’ opinions. You want to understand the reasoning and origins behind those views, something more likely to be accomplished through the traditional sales process. A focused sales team needs to venture off social media and drill down on the true voice of the customer in order to get the feedback it needs.Sales Is Where the Small Details AreSocial media comments are usually limited to single thoughts and opinions. And as with any public forum, negative voices tend to shout the loudest, evidenced by a Dimensional Research study stating that consumers are 50 percent more likely to post negative experiences on social media than positive ones.Extracting information from social alone keeps companies from getting a fully weighted view of how the public sees or interacts with a product. Personal sales interactions, however, give teams the chance to home in on specifics — both positive and negative — allowing that department to attain the kind of information that helps create a more well-rounded customer experience, something more companies are prioritizing.In fact, a Walker Information study revealed that the customer experience will surpass price and product as the No. 1 brand differentiator by 2020. Companies need to invest in their experience now to stay ahead of the curve and earn customer loyalty, which means equipping sales teams with the tools that will give them greater reach. Enter Eva, Voicera’s in-meeting AI software that records, highlights, and creates action items out of your meeting’s most important and pressing matters.Give Your Sales Team a Leg UpEva is a great ally to have for any sales team, both before and after an interaction or meeting. Here are three ways a sales unit can use the platform to draw the best insights from the target audience:
  • Interact with buzzwords; don’t just read them. When trends and themes occur during a conversation, Eva’s WordCloud tracks just how much they mattered in a conversation. The cloud highlights keywords and phrases that were discussed, then links each of them to the point in the conversation where that word originated so that users can note whether it was important to the whole conversation.
Unlike what happens with a social trend or hashtag, the WordCloud helps you see how a term or phrase relates to other issues and the strength of that correlation. Sales teams can then derive pain points from the cloud to solve during future interactions.
  • Identifying key points in the customer journey. You can also search WordCloud for key terms. For example, if you want to know where price or partnerships were mentioned, a simple search using the smart voice commands feature takes you directly to the point in the conversation you need to examine.
Teams can highlight and transcribe that section or time-stamp it and share it with others so they don’t have to sift through the entire conversation to hear the points that matter most. This is much faster than combing through social media interactions that have limited search functions and more filler to wade through.
  • Plotting your course of action. Eva’s Meeting X-ray feature hypothesizes which moments are most likely to be important to you. If there are certain acronyms or phrases that are endemic to your business, customize the X-ray, and the AI software will automatically apply those to every conversation going forward.
A sales team can forecast what will be important, and the software can highlight it every time to show your team’s progression.Salespeople already gain incredible insights simply by doing their jobs. Eva can help you make the most of that content by making it easier to analyze, share, and guide your strategy on the basis of real understanding of your audience.

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