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ROCeteer exists to unleash the full potential of communities and people and transcend awesome! They build programs for companies that unlock teams’ inner strengths and capabilities while maximizing external engagement with like-minded individuals.


Too many meetings, not enough time - how can one person possibly get everything done in a day.


The consultants at Roceteer are focused on giving guidance and lending their experience to individuals and teams. Much of this happens from conversations where ideas are developed and actions are designated.


Leveraging Voicea in a meeting enables them to never miss a detail and ensure clarity around actions and decisions that arise out of conversations. The extended team gets the details they need and the post-meeting swirl is reduced dramatically.

I forward all the notes from EVA to my actual assistant so they can listen, add value and act on them much faster than if I were to dictate to them what to do next. There is a real need for a service like yours and the service you guys are delivering is the best I have seen in the market!

Heather Wilde, Chief Technology Officer, Roceteer