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Human beings have the biggest and best words. We’ve developed, mastered, and altered the human language to the point that entire conversations can be carried out with abbreviations, slang terms, or even emojis.
But the decades-long conversation we’ve had to have with computer software hasn’t always been so pliable. See, for so long we’ve been forced to have an unnatural dialogue with computers, learning machine languages that were developed and imposed on us by unknown programmers solely to get computers to do what we want.Anyone who’s watched a movie about NASA’s early days of space exploration can conjure an image of the massive computer systems used to launch the Gemini and Apollo missions. In our mind’s eye, we can see space flight experts using flimsy punch cards to communicate with monolithic machines, a technology so outdated that there may be only a few people who still know how to utilize it. Likewise, many of us have only a rudimentary understanding of HTML, C++, Python, and today’s other programming languages because of the complex, always-evolving nature of computer software.  Read more about this trend in our exclusive whitepaper…

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