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If you are just getting familiar with Voicea, you’re likely starting to see the value we bring.  With Eva in your meetings, you get the chance to focus your attention on the people and the conversation while feeling confident that the most important moments from your meeting are getting captured for follow-up later.  Once your free trial is over you might ask yourself, “What plan should I sign up for?  Pro or Premium?”There’s a simple difference between our Voicea Pro and our Voicea Premium and it comes down to the level of computational processing we apply to each and every minute of your meeting.With Voicea Premium you get the same benefits of having Eva in your meetings, but with a more accurate meeting transcript.  In the premium package, your entire meeting goes through our proprietary Ensemble (TM) processing system which re-transcribes the entire audio from your meeting through multiple engines and then recombines them in order to deliver the most highly accurate version of what was discussed.  Think of the Ensemble as a panel of AI engines with a judge that knows how to pull together the best answer with inputs from all the engines.  The Ensemble has proven to be as much as 2x more accurate than the industry accepted transcription engines, and as close to human error correction as the industry has seen in any automated platform.  For users who are focused on the transcript accuracy, this is a valuable service and worth the extra monthly fee.  At the Voicea Pro level, only your highlights are reviewed through the Ensemble and error corrected at this level of accuracy, which means the most important moments are going to be as accurate as possible and super useful for you in your post-meeting follow-up.  For many, the extra accuracy applied only to the highlights is good enough and that is why some users select the Pro option instead.If having the highlights are fine for you, then check out Voicea Pro.  If you want the full meeting transcript with a higher accuracy, then check out Voicea Premium.If you have any questions at all, simply let us know!

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