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Voicea is proud to be one of 2018’s highly awarded B2B productivity tools.  Across a number of analysts and third parties, our platform has been recognized as one of the important new developments in productivity and collaboration.  Voicea is already being used by people in over 5,000 companies and our customers are discovering time in the day they previously didn’t have. According to recent customer survey data, over 77% of our users have found that leveraging Voicea and EVA in their meetings has driven a measurable increase in productivity.  Users are able to pay closer attention in conversations and turning what was said into action much more efficiently.Here are just a few of the recent quotes from real Voicea users…
“Its awesome already recommended it about 10 times.”“Awesome must for journalists”“The software has up to par voice recognition and auto correction that certainly is the new Era of note taking.”“It’s just amazing and so helpful!”“Your app has saved me valuable time during meetings and after meetings by documenting the entire meeting.”
Check out some of the awards and recognition we’ve received over the last few months by clicking on the links below:

Gartner – Cool Vendor

Aragon – Hot Vendor

Constellation – Shortlist

Appy Awards – Best B2B

Impact Awards – Best B2B

TiE50 Winner 2018

Now is your time to check out Voicea.  Sign up for your free trial and get a personalized walk-through by dropping us a note here.  Check us out at www.voicea.com

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