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Nielsen Visual IQ combines the power of diverse analytic approaches so you and your team have access to the right insights, at exactly the right time to support any marketing decision. From strategic investments across all channels to tactical optimizations while campaigns are still in-flight, our Marketing Effectiveness solutions deliver the actionable intelligence you need to optimize budgets, consumer experiences and business results.


Too many meetings each day makes it hard to coordinate follow up in a timely, efficient manner. There are people who need to get the information, but they don’t have the time to attend every customer meeting.


The salesperson has Voicea in all their meetings, leveraging the auto-sync function to have EVA automatically join their calendar invites when there are a conference line and more than 1 person. EVA joins, announces itself and listens for voice commands and trigger words that the salesperson set up in advance. The trigger words ensure that standard questions and topics are captured for the highlight reel and they tag a moment in the conversation so the extended team can go back and listen directly to the conversation, gathering insight into the customer's needs.


Voicea creates a virtual record of the conversation that can be shared with the teams of account managers required to get work done. Sales adds team members as collaborators and shares portions of the conversation to enable them to accurately follow up. During the conversation, no-one has to repeat themselves and after the conversation, the extended team has what they need to succeed.

On average, I do 4-8 formal presentations a week. The way I used to manage a meeting was going between asking questions, listening to the answer and then taking notes. During these meetings, I found my most frequent question was "could you repeat that?" because I missed their point while taking notes. EVA has stopped that from happening and now I can focus 100% of my attention to my customer!

Jim Burchell, Regional Vice President, Sales