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You’ve assembled a rock star team and invested in tools like Salesforce to manage your customer pipeline and accelerate growth.  Now you have all the tools for success! Many companies both small and large, use Salesforce as core infrastructure for deal management and sales forecasting as well as to drive ongoing customer service + customer loyalty. Like any tool, Salesforce is as powerful as the data it has access to. Your sales reps, operations and customer success teams have many touch points with both prospective and current customers.  Each of these is an opportunity to gather incredibly valuable feedback from your customers. It’s in these initial prospecting and kick off calls that your customer is telling you exactly what their needs are, the challenges their business faces and how they’re hoping your product can help solve them.  These regular touch points are perhaps your most valuable means of collecting feedback on what’s working and where future product investment would be best spent. Unfortunately, this information is currently silo’ed and often transmitted verbally. It requires a lot of work to activate for your internal team and disseminate across the organization. Your teams are focused (as they should be) on closing the deal, scoping the technical implementation, troubleshooting a particular issue etc. If you’re lucky you capture a portion of that feedback and it makes it to the next person to touch the account. Unfortunately much of that information is lost shortly after. But you didn’t hire a rock star sales and client services team for their impeccable note taking abilities. You don’t want to mandate that these teams stop and carve out a chunk of their day transcribing notes on key account updates, but not capturing this information means you’re missing out on the most valuable feedback you can get on how to future-proof your product.  What if you could capture the key pieces of verbal feedback including competitive intel, feature enhancements, use cases & testimonials, across the many conversations and touch points you’re having with your customer across your sales, customer success and operations teams? Better yet, what if you could track all of that valuable information in the collaboration tools, like Salesforce, you’re already using to monitor your sales pipeline and manage sales forecasts? Better even yet, what if the key moments from across the many calls you have with your customers were automatically extracted and pushed directly into those collaboration tools?  With the NEW auto-sync feature for Salesforce, meeting highlights captured by Voicea can be auto-synced with the appropriate account, contact or opportunity in Salesforce (matched based on the meeting attendees), ensuring that important updates discussed on a particular account are automatically captured and logged as a task under the appropriate account.This is just one of the tactical ways we’re looking to help you make meetings actionable – by extracting important moments from the valuable verbal communication you’re having (both internally and externally) about key accounts and pushing that meeting data into the tools you’re already using to drive your business.  Yes, we are on the ambitious path to change behavior in the workplace (in that we’re trying to get you to stop taking notes!), but our aim is to do so in a way that feels somewhat seamless – if you’re in a customer-facing role, your day is very likely going to be spent mostly on calls and in meetings (luckily our tech integrates seamlessly with all conference providers), and you’re always going to rely on your sales and customer success teams to gauge the likeliness of closing a deal or retaining the business, we’re simply trying to enable you to extract the most value from your meetings, and plug that meeting data into the tools you already use to drive your business.  Simply enable auto-sync under Integrations > Salesforce Settings:And all your meeting highlights captured by Voicea will automatically flow over to Salesforce as a Task under the relevant account, opportunity, lead or contact: 
Learn more about our Salesforce integration hereFor instructions on how to enable auto-sync for Salesforce, visit our Help Center here

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