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“This call is being recorded for training purposes”

Lots of people record their meetings.   You’ve probably heard the ever-present “this call is being recorded” note when you dial into a customer service line.  Those calls are recorded for “training purposes” and to make sure that you, as the customer, were treated fairly and accurately.   Did you know there is a whole burgeoning category around the recording and documentation of meetings?First, lets lay out why meetings get recorded.  As far as I can tell there are 3 large buckets of “why” meetings get recorded.

“You can’t remember everything that gets said in a meeting”

Memory is the easiest to understand.  You can’t possibly always remember everything that gets said in a meeting.   If the average meeting runs between 45 and 60 minutes, there’s a lot that can get covered.  Meeting recordings in this bucket get used a lot by research companies and for people doing interviews.  It provides the opportunity for you to go back and relisten to what was said, take better notes and get accurate quotes that can be used in whatever format you are developing.  Traditional transcription applies here quite often as well.  What I find most interesting about this area is that the majority of the people who record meetings for memory purposes never go back and relisten to the meeting.  “Why”, you might ask?  It takes a lot of time!  To go back and listen to a 60-minute meeting requires you to retread what was said, and that is hard when we’re all strapped for time.The second most commonly used purpose for recording meetings are Training Purposes.  This is a quickly growing category and includes companies that offer services like what we offer, but they focus on inside and outside salespeople.  These use cases are mostly intended for reviewing how salespeople engage with customers and what they do well and what they could do better.  I won’t go into the companies who are in this space, but it’s a good little niche to be in.  Sales training can dramatically improve the conversion of prospects to customers for your team.  Sales training is a necessity in large, enterprise organizations.We personally believe the 3rd bucket is the most important and potentially game-changing place to be.  This is the area of Productivity and Collaboration.  Meetings are an essential part of your day.  You spend the majority of your day in meetings, however, they are disconnected completely from the rest of your collaboration workflow.  To get value out of a meeting you have to put in a good amount of work to activate it.  You have to review notes, organize follow up and make sure that what was said gets to all the right people who can engage and do what needs to be done as a result of the meeting.

“Streamlined collaboration creates massive upticks in productivity”

Streamlined collaboration creates massive upticks in enterprise productivity.  At a more personal level, the ability to activate what happens in your meetings more efficiently saves you time in your day.  In the current world state, you have to spend a decent amount of time reviewing your notes and writing follow-ups to your meetings so everyone knows what they are responsible for.  You probably have to debrief people who weren’t there and you need to engage with them in an email, on Slack or in other systems.  What happens in your meeting stays in your meeting and what happens outside the meeting are rarely connected together.Voicea is trying to fix that.  Yes – this is the gratuitous plug for what we do.  We are not about sales training.  We are not about salespeople being taught how to do their job better.  We are a tool that helps you be more present and more focused.  We are a tool that allows you to be more engaged and never have to take notes again.    We are a tool for “conversation activation” and we are the next big thing in your workplace.If you get a moment, sign up for free and check out what we’re doing.  I think you might agree with us that if your meetings are connected to everything else you do, and if your meeting content can be activated properly, you will save time and get more done quickly.  After all – isn’t it all about helping you?  It is for us!Cory

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