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What is “Attention Intelligence“?

Today’s knowledge workers face a very cluttered environment.  There are many, many elements competing for our attention and as a result, it’s more and more difficult to focus.  When you are less focused, you are less able to maximize the potential of your brain and your intelligence is not fully tapped.  Focus is a function of attention, so what we need to do is create environments where your attention can be maximized, your focus high and your intelligence fully utilized.  In short, businesses need to hire for IQ, but create environments that foster and maximize AQ.

Below is a brief video where our CEO, Omar Tawakol, talks about Attention Intelligence.  You can also visit the website AttentionIntelligence.org for more information on this topic.  Attention Intelligence is more than just meetings.  It is a driving force that more companies are going to have to think about as we continue to move forward.

Watch the video below.

Visit AttentionIntelligence.org.

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