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Our CEO and Co-Founder Omar Tawakol came up with the concept of an AI exoskeleton as a way to both visually describe the current landscape, and serve as a framework for where the industry is headed in the future.At its core, we believe AI, when applied to the knowledge worker should:
  • Be easy to use.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.
  • Make you better at whatever you do.
We’ll be talking more about the idea of an AI exoskeleton and how, whether they realize it or not today’s knowledge workers are already benefiting from Augmented Intelligence (AI) in their workday. Their AI exoskeleton isn’t taking the shape of a physical suit they step into but rather an invisible one comprised of apps, tools, and services that make them a super productive version of their best self at work.To kick off the idea of the AI Exoskeleton we contributed an article to CIO, What the Rise of the Exoskeleton means for the Future of Work: AI Exoskeletons will Boost and not Replace Knowledge Workers. Here’s an excerpt.
Beyond physical exoskeletons, there is an opportunity to provide a virtual exoskeleton for the knowledge worker. Exoskeletons focus on taking our human abilities and increasing them using huge amounts of data and sophisticated algorithms. Rather than replacing workers, this mix of human skill and AI will propel workers into faster and better productivity across a wider range of outputs. While this might be a silent revolution, it is already delivering results.

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