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You Can Interact With Eva In Different Ways:

Voice Commands On your call, ask Eva to start highlighting before you say your action items, next steps, or decisions. Say: “OK Eva, Action Item“, and you will hear Eva’s wake up sound. Eva will being transcribing and will stop when you say, “Thanks Eva.” Eva’s name is be pronounced “ee-vuh”, not “eh-vuh”, or “ay-vuh”.

Start and Action Item but Forget to End it

  • “Okay Eva, Action Item” and wait for Eva to respond. Then say your command. If you forget to say “Thanks Eva”, you will hear Eva terminate the command after 45 seconds. Your highlight will consist of 45 seconds worth of audio, which will get transcribed.

Start and Action Item And End It When You Are Done

  • “Okay Eva, Action Item” and wait for Eva to respond. Then say your action item, and then say “Thanks Eva”, at which point Eva will respond acknowledging that the command has been terminated. Eva will transcribe everything in between you “Action Item” and “Thanks” command.

Ask Eva if she is on the line

  • “Okay Eva, Are You There?” and Eva will respond with “Yep!”.

Eva is constantly learning new skills – stay tuned for new commands and ways to interact.

Live Tap You can view a live version of your meeting through the web app on your desktop or mobile device. From within the live meeting, simply tap to start recording a highlight, and tap again to end it.

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