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The case of the misheard wordsIt’s always best to hear straight from the source. Case in point: If a customer conveys a pain point or product issue to a sales rep, that salesperson has to relay the feedback to a department head, who then conveys the issue to his team.By the time those insights pass through all the channels, the customer’s initial message could be muddled, misrepresented, or misquoted. But if teams could hear the customer’s exact wording for themselves and apply it properly, issues wouldn’t be so easily lost in translation.

Have you had exchanges like that one too many times?

Instead of leaving customer feedback open to misinterpretation, let the feedback speak for itself. Eva, Voicera’s in-meeting AI assistant, is just the mouthpiece your sales team needs so insights can come in loud and clear every time.Check out this infographic for more fun around the Case of the Misheard Words. 

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