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Remember the game Telephone? You’d whisper a secret in your friend’s ear, then players would pass it around a circle until it returned to you as a distorted version of your brilliant initial idea. Meetings can be a little like that, too.On a sales call, a customer might offer some great insight into improving your product. But upon returning to the office, the product or development team inevitably asks a follow-up question that you can’t answer. The one or two sentences you jotted down can’t explain things as well as your tech-fluent customer could.It can be a challenge to act as a post-meeting translator, but it’s crucial. Think about that customer who took time out of his or her busy day to tell you how to make your product better. That brand of honest, unfiltered feedback can’t be siloed; it needs to be heard companywide to have the most lasting impact on a product or service.Sharing Customer Insights Has Real ValueAccording to Walker Information, customer experience will become the top brand differentiator by 2020, surpassing product and price. In other words, using unique customer insights can streamline customer experience and help your product outpace the competition.A sales call might reveal that user interface or product engineering are two variables the client looks for in the optimal product. Now, it’d be easy to take notes, highlight passages, or record the call and just send it to each corresponding department, but neither of those options is scalable.With note-taking, big-picture items and terminology can get lost in translation. As for recordings, that still requires team members to sit down and digest the information being presented to them; that’s an investment in time that most can’t afford to make.The key is to highlight the moments, terms, and items most relevant to different departments. Instead of asking the sales team to relay messages to departments that they’re not fluent in, break the information down into digestible bits and take it to the engineering department, web design, and other associated silos. Eva, Voicera’s in-meeting AI assistant, is a resource to do just that.AI That Lets Customers Speak for ThemselvesEva’s voice-command capabilities allow users to note action items, highlight passages, and identify key phrases and trends during any meeting. Here are some methods that can help users translate some of that information across different departments:
  • Look at the clouds. After listening in and recording your meeting, Eva’s WordCloud generates an interactive cloud that illustrates keywords, terms, and phrases. Click on any word in the cloud to jump to the moment when a specific idea was mentioned, and mark it if it was important in any way.
For example, your company’s engineers may be more interested in different sections of the conversation from the marketing team. Annotating the conversation for different listeners lets each team focus on what matters most to them.
  • Accentuate the positives (or negatives). Eva’s Highlights feature helps you turn key moments into actionable intelligence. We all know when we’ve just heard the most valuable comments in a meeting. Maybe a client points out a functionality strength or weakness, but you can’t jot down all the particulars.
Say “OK, Eva,” then request a certain action be noted or amount of time is highlighted. A highlight can be transcribed or sent as an edited report afterward so you can generate action items and share insights to ensure everybody in all departments is on the same page.
  • Look internally. Use X-Ray to examine the most important themes running through every sales meeting. Tell Eva what terms and keywords are most vital to your product or company.
It will then hypothesize which moments in your future sales meetings you’ll find most important so you can easily review them and spot trends in what your customers are telling you. Send those segments to the associated departments, and let them listen to and apply the feedback as they see fit.Meetings are only as effective as the people who go to them and the ideas that come out of them. With Eva, make sure every great idea leaves the sales meeting with you and customer feedback resonates through every silo. You’re likely to invigorate your company’s products, customer service, and profits without sacrificing the message.

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