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Published on October 4, 2017 at Business.comby Omar Tawakol – CEO and co-founder, Voicera

The most successful leaders have one skill in common: they stay in the moment. Restore that focus to yourself and your team, and foster more meaningful interactions, especially in a key hub of team productivity: meetings.

Being a leader is no small feat – that’s why so many of us take directives rather than give them. And while there’s no innate quality that makes one person more suited for a top spot than the rest, it’s been my experience that the most successful and effective leaders, among many things, all do one thing well: be present.At its core, presence – as cliche as it may sound – is the ability to stay in the moment. No matter the circumstance, you can give a problem your undivided attention. The critical thought necessary to remove almost any barrier is at your disposal, allowing you to drive home results…read more at Business.com

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