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Greycroft is one the leading venture capital companies in the US. Founded in 2006, Greycroft has invested in such companies as Trunk Club, Maker Studios and Buddy Media. Greycroft takes a highly involved approach to their investments, being involved in terms of advisory and go-to-market strategy to ensure their portfolio is set up to be successful. They support and advise entrepreneurs, empowering them to build best-in-class businesses and execute on their vision.


The Monday morning meetings are 6 hours of intense focus on the status of their investments, where members of the team discuss challenges and opportunities for existing companies and where they can help. They also engage in a deep review of new opportunities for investment, looking to understand the opportunity and financial ROI for these investments. These meetings are highly detailed and whether or not the entire team is there, they need to be able to disseminate and act on the information being discussed.


Adding Voicea and EVA to the Monday meeting creates an actionable record with notes and actions captured that is then added to the team channel in Voicea and synced to Slack and other platforms internally.


With Voicea, the team is more engaged and able to process information live as well as after the meeting. The meeting becomes a tangible asset from which information is derived, shared and discussed rather than a temporal moment in your day. Post meeting follow up is more effective because the information is readily accessible.

Instead of having to worry about capturing things as they happen I'm able to focus more on the impact of the work we're doing.

Alaina Hartley, Investor, Greycroft