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Where does one find a virtual assistant?  Are they set up at virtual temp agencies?  Are they sitting around in the virtual coffee shop looking at want-ads?  No – not really.  Virtual assistants are everywhere these days!  They’re popping up at work and at home and they solve for a wide range of challenges where an assistant would be helpful!

If you want to thank someone… thank Apple and Amazon.

The trend took hold with the launch of Siri from Apple, but Amazon quickly took the bull by the horns with the launch of Alexa.  These two companies are battling it out for the leadership of the home-based assistant landscape and they face competition from every angle including every mobile carrier and Google.  That doesn’t even include people like us who are focused on specific areas of the world where AI can be of assistance.  The future is very clearly laden with virtual assistants all over the place.  They solve a need – there’s too little time in the day and too much to do, so why not tap into technology to help get it done!At work, virtual assistants are becoming just as common, though they are more focused on the benefits they offer.  Some offer meeting and calendar help, like X.ai and Clara.  Some are helping with travel plans like OK Roger.  Some are focused on taking notes in your meetings, like Voicea with our very own Eva.  All of these are intended to remove the mundanity of menial tasks and replace that time in the busy schedule of today’s workers.

The Digital Transformation of the Enterprise is paving the way…

The increased digital transformation of the enterprise is what’s paving the way for these virtual assistants to take hold.  As business adopts more digital tools, they become increasingly comfortable with digital or virtual assistants.  They integrate with systems that range from your email client such as Outlook and Mac Mail to collaboration systems like Salesforce and Slack.  As an example, Voicea takes the content and highlights of your meetings and makes them easily pushed into Salesforce and Slack for activation where you need them.Virtual assistants are all the rage, but they aren’t hype.  They provide a true service and that service is going to be valuable for years to come!

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