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We love hearing from our customers… “My meeting follow is super-fast now”“I used to spend all Friday night trying to organize my notes and follow up from the week’s worth of meetings.  It sucked!  I hated being in meetings all the time.  With Eva I’ve found that my time is cut by as much as 75%.  It only takes me a little while to review the action items that came from my meetings and organize the to do list for the next week.  It totally saves me time so I can get some of my life back.  Eva is creating some better work-life balance for me, just like any good assistant would do.” “My Salesforce is updated and my boss is no longer on me about it”“Updating Salesforce is a necessary evil for me because my boss is always riding me to have it done, but I use the update Salesforce feature in Voicea and Eva sends the notes immediately after I reviewed my meeting.  No more having to get called out on our Monday morning sales calls because its all there.  I’m actually the best at Salesforce now, at least that’s what they keep telling me.” “Transcription services cost a ton of money.  This is a big time savings for us.”We had been recording a number of our calls already, but transcription services are pricey.  Eva is 1/10th the cost and we get searchable records, plus you can hear the tone of what the customers were saying.  Its so much better – this is a technology improvement that I wish we had for years!” 

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