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EVA for education

Voicea designed EVA with meetings in mind. Our AI assistant takes notes in meetings and on calls. EVA can only hear what you can hear clearly and this can be a challenge in large classroom environments. If you're a faculty member, EVA can be great for your meetings with other faculty, your students and more. If you're a student, and can place the mobile app at or near the podium it could work quite well, but since few students are able to do that, we don’t want to give you a sub-par experience. If you want to give Voicea a try, sign up for a free 30-day trial of our Premium service and let us know if it works for you!

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With EVA for education you can...

Focus on the conversation
Customize what EVA deems to be important
Revisit key topics in your conversation
Ensure clear follow-up and next steps

How it works

Sign up for EVA by clicking on the button below.
Follow the simple set up process to activate your account.
Download the mobile app and try it out in a meeting.
Review the notes and revisit important items.
Share key notes with friends and colleagues.