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Once you have established a high-level perspective on building your startup’s tech stack, you then need to decide exactly what you want to accomplish. If you are going for a simple product use case, you might have a lot of different options. But if you are looking to support a sophisticated set of product use cases, you need to think a bit more deeply about what success looks like.For Voicea, we started with a smaller set of use cases that we wanted to deliver. But as we started mapping them out, the list grew. Since we didn’t want to spend tons of engineering cycles building every use case ourselves, we had to prioritize their implementation.We ended up with a dozen core product use cases that we found critical to our business:Onboarding: We wanted our new-user onboarding experience to be well integrated into the product and evolve as the product and marketing messaging developed.Live Chat:  We knew that customers would run into problems as we built the product, so we wanted to deliver a world-class customer experience. This involved searching for a solution that would allow us to speak to our customers and prospects in real time and quickly assign the appropriate team member.

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