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We recently rolled out a number of new integrations with top project management tools – Asana, Breeze, Flow, Intercom, Jira, Liquid Planner, Todoist, Toodledo, Trello, Wunderlist, Zapier and Zendesk – making it incredibly easy to turn meeting follow-ups into a ticket or task in your preferred project management tool. This is just one of the ways we’re helping teams turn talk into action and #getstuffdone.  

First, you’ll need to configure your integration under the Integrations tab in the Voicea platform. For most project management tools this simply means you’ll need to grab a custom email address from their platform which you’ll then add to the corresponding integration page in the Voicea platform. Find where to grab your custom email for each of our integrated partners via the links below.

Once your integration has been set up, there are two ways you can create a ticket or task in your downstream project management tool:

  1. In-Meeting Voice Commands: you now can have EVA create a ticket or task in any of your integrated project management tools during your meeting. Use voice commands when you identify a support issue or high-priority task during your meeting that you need to react to quickly.
    • During the meeting say “OK EVA, create a task for me to update the pricing page” and EVA will immediately create a ticket or task in any of your integrated project management tools.
  2. Post Meeting: after your meeting, you can also select multiple highlights from the past meeting page and push them to a specific project management tool where they will appear as a ticket or task.  

Generally, voice commands are used for creating high-priority tasks that need to be jumped on right away – EVA will immediately create a ticket in your project management tool so your team can jump on it before your meeting has even ended.

After your meeting, you can easily select multiple highlights that you may want to group and assign to different team members or include a comment with. Simply select the checkbox next to the highlights you wish to share from the past meeting page and then select the app you wish to push your highlights too.  

Below is a list of integrated Project Management Tools + Instructions on how to set up each integration:

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