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Many of our customers ask us why EVA communicates with attendees of meetings where EVA was present and the answer is because we are serious about notice, consent and general awareness of how EVA works.  We are also hyper-aware that EVA’s communications impact you and we have created settings which give you the ability to alter our default choices (see below).The United States has laws governing an individual’s rights around recording phone calls.  At a Federal level, the law is governed by the “one-party consent” law which states that telephone calls and in-person conversations can be recorded with the consent of at least one of the parties involved.  Some states, such as California, have instituted a “two-party consent” law that requires both parties to authorize a recording.  In all cases, Voicea over-indexes on the side of consumer privacy by following the “two-party consent” laws wherein all attendees must be informed that EVA is listening, recording and taking notes.  The default setting for EVA is to announce itself on the call and if the host disables that default setting, it is their responsibility to inform the meeting attendees.Voicera’s email policy also indexes to ensuring attendees are aware their meetings are being recorded for note-taking and follow up purposes.  In addition to visibly having EVA as a participant in a web conference, Voicea has default settings to email the attendees prior to the meeting and reserves the right to email your attendees after a meeting for limited purposes.  In this way, Voicea ensures that your meetings are not unlawfully recorded and that the rights of the individual are not being threatened.Voicea provides a service that activates meetings and increases the productivity of your post-meeting follow up.  To provide this service we reserve the right to message to attendees that the Voicea service was used and that they have access to the meeting, the notes, and the subsequent recording and transcript.  Finally, some of our communications will be general awareness messages.  These types of messages help people understand what EVA does in any meeting so that when they see EVA present they would understand how to control or interact with EVA on their own.  We currently have settings which allow our users to alter our default communication settings (see the example bellows below).  If you believe there are other settings we need to consider please reach out to [email protected] with further recommendations.We hope this clarifies our position and helps put you at ease that our goals are to keep you and your meeting participants’ privacy at the forefront of our business.

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