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In full disclosure – I am not at CES this year because I figured why deal with the crowds and the travel when I can get the details at home?  It looks like I was right in my assumptions though – its all about TV’s, electric cars and voice assistants.  This last observation may feel rather self-serving and that’s ok.  It’s not my word you have to take for it.  Check out what CNet says in a piece by Kent German which you can find here.2018 is the year where virtual assistants are taking hold.  Whether you want them for broad purposes or are looking at them for more personal, focused reasons, either way, its the same.  They are here to help you as you build out your own personal “AI Exoskeleton” and find ways to create more time in your day.The AI Exoskeleton concept refers to how a person can use technology to augment their skills.  It’s like an Iron Man suit that you strap on to effectively manage your day.  You can get more from your day if you have more time and can run faster, think broader and be more effective.Gartner believes it too!  They have predicted that by 2020 as much as 60% of all US conference calls will have an in-meeting assistant.This is the year you talk to your machine and it will listen and respond.Get ready for it world!  

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