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Are you running around in Las Vegas this week trying to better understand the ways new technology will benefit your life?  So are about 100,000 other people, so it’s going to be a madhouse.  You will probably be in a hundred meetings and after the week is over you’ll wish you had an assistant to sit with you, take the notes, and help understand the actions you need to take as follow up.

That’s why Eva is important…

Eva would make it easier for you to have reliable notes on every meeting you were in.  Just direct dial Eva when you sit down with someone and have your AI in the meeting.  If that doesn’t feel right, do a debrief right after each session.  It’s super easy and it provides immense value.

Eva is your CES buddy.

You’ll never have to take notes in a meeting again.

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting details.

You’ll never miss an important idea in a meeting.

  • While Eva is taking the notes, you can focus on engaging with your customers.

Did I mention you’ll never miss an important idea??

  • The X-Ray feature is where the AI hypothesizes what might be important to you, even if you did miss it.
 Try it out and Good Luck this week at CES!! 

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